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Someone set up us the bomb.............

So, last night, I ran around a bit with the Nurse. (Crimson Nurse)

I was catching up on some missed out missions.
Killing Lost in King's Row and Skulls too. >_<

I decided to take an indoor mission solo.
People hadn't been seen coming out of some office building.
I was to stop the gang and free the people.
Oooooooooooh, it was a timed mission too.

When I entered, I see, "Rescue 4 people and disarm 4 bombs."
Of course, that's the first thing that ran through my head.
"Someone set up us the bomb."
I couldn't stop laughing.

The mission wasn't too bad.
All white Lvl 14's in groups of 3 vs. me.
I didn't finish it in RECORD time or anything but I finished it.
Those bombs are HARD to find. >_<
I searched around for almost 15 min for the last one.
Finally realized it was on the first floor. *sigh*

Fun mission though.

I think I'm close to ending a story arc and I'm EXCITED!
I had to take a cloak to the girl in M.A.G.I. for examination.
I was warned that the Skulls would try to get it back.
I never got jumped though.
I imagine that's because I was supposed to be standing at the contact instead of using the "call" button. Heh.
Anyway, I took the cloak back.
I think this arc is coming to a close.
Did I mention I was excited?

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Thank you for getting the quote right.

Too often I see people write, "Someone set us up the bomb!" XP
Yeah, I know it well.
Bombs were MUCH harder to find before they started having clickables make that weird noise.

Your ambush might have happened, you just may not have been there for it. When an ambush happens, they spawn and then run to where you are (usually not far, but they don't just pop up next to you). Since I've gotten "Fly" I haven't been ambushed. But I have flown over the area after the fact and seen a few out of place villains mulling about where I was standing.
If they were to spawn close to my contact, they would have had to take the train. LOL! I was fairly far away from him.


I wanted to get jumped too. =/
I never got ambushed on the cloak one, but there was another one later on where my contact wanted to test a device for use against some Clockwork. I stood around by my contact after getting the device, looking at the information for it, when I was suddenly attacked out of nowhere. (This was my first encounter with an ambush.) I wasn't ready to fight all of them, especially 6+ Clockworks of an equal level to me (I was playing a Controller), and even flight didn't get me away from all of them, as there were some fight-capable ones in that group. :P
They make noise??!! When was that put in?
Last update. They make an eerie whoooo-whooo kinda pulse noise tone um sound thing... yeah.

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