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Monkey Themed SG on Infinity - Heavy on the RP

Update since my last post:

Anyone who has played on the Infinity server has probably come across one or more of the Simian Defense Force. We are a very large monkey-themed supergroup spanning two divisions with well over 100 active members (we ran out of space in the original group).

We are heavy on the role-play, although our anti-human stance and our strict costume standards are not for everyone, and we are rather villainous in nature even though villainy is not required. The group is very supportive, and members rarely have trouble finding a team outside the SG.

We have several Metro Atlanta players in the group.

We are still recruiting new recruit as Simians or Thralls. A Thrall is a slave, but NCSoft forbids the use of the word "slave" in any name, so thrall was the second choice. And yes, people join our SG as slaves for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy RPing a submissive.

Please see our website at for recruitment requirements and costume design requirements.

Here are some members in SG mode:

And some pre-level 20 Thralls. (Thralls get a major costume boost at 20 and beyond as a reward for loyalty).

See you on Infinity!
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